Change of address…

I’ve moved to Not quite sure is it’s a wise decision yet…but gotta try these things!

Last night I felt a large vole creep into bed with me, crawl up my leg and start trying to burrow. It was only really at that point I realised I wasn’t dreaming! One of the many pleasures of living on Ramsey! Definitely could have been worse though.


(The vole pictured is Tim our friendly vole from last year. The one in my bed was much much bigger than Tim!)

Sunset around Grainel and Loch Gruinart.

A stubborn sheep on the Oa!

Around Kilchoman on the Isle of Islay.

Snow on the Oa.

The raised beach and deer fence across Loch Gruinart reserve.

Gathering sheep on Glen Astle, the Oa.

A small chambered cairn on the Oa.

Sunset over Machir bay, Isle of Islay.